Client Agreement

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Under the framework of these Commercial Terms, RannForex Limited (registered address: Block B, Global Village, Jivan's Complex, Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles, registration number 8427758-1) and RannForex must be viewed as one legal entity.
  • 1.2 RannForex offers the “Client Cabinet” service under the terms of this public offer (hereinafter “Agreement”).
  • 1.3 These Commercial Terms govern the Agreement entered into between RannForex and the Client or customer (“You”, “Your”) and together with any amendments or additions must be read carefully.
  • 1.4 If any part of this Agreement is found void or unenforceable, the balance of the Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.
  • 1.5 An advance payment made by the Client under the terms of this Agreement and its receipt by RannForex is considered an unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. As soon as RannForex receives the completed registration Form from the Client, every operation executed by the Client in the client’s Cabinet or on the trading platform is subject to the terms of this Agreement as well as any Appendixes and Addendums.
  • 1.6 These Commercial Terms are in effect for existing as well as newly opened trading operations on the Trading Account. RannForex will make every effort to notify the client of all relevant amendments before such amendments take effect. Such notification may be made in writing or electronically or by means of notification on the Website or by other means at RannForex’ discretion.
  • 1.7 Such notifications may not include margin requirements, spreads or the size of swaps, which can change over the course of a trading session as a result of various economic events. Additionally, the market may be suspended or RannForex may suspend trading for one or more instruments, for which RannForex does not bear responsibility.
  • 1.8 The words “trading” and “trading operations” are interchangeable in these Commercial Terms.
  • 1.9 Upon the Client’s acceptance of these Commercial Terms and RannForex’ recognition of said party as a Client, the Client warrants to RannForex that all trading operations the Client makes with RannForex are carried out in accordance with these Commercial Terms.
  • 1.10 Furthermore, the Client warrants to RannForex that the Client will adhere to the below listed terms:
    • 1.10.1 The Client does not violate the laws of the country in which the Client is currently located;
    • 1.10.2 The Client is of at least 18 years of age;
    • 1.10.3 The Client is solvent and is not the subject of any bankruptcy proceeding or any other legal proceeding which could preclude the Client from adhering to these Commercial Terms;
    • 1.10.4 The Client duly informs RannForex of any changes in the Client’s personal information;
    • 1.10.5 If the Client is employed in a regulated organization and has permission from a responsible party from the internal monitoring department, RannForex possesses the right to present copies of trading operations on the Trading Account to the department of internal monitoring.
  • 1.11 The client may not receive access to the Internet sites or trading platforms which are in any way connected with RannForex while located in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany or any other country which prohibits conducting trading operations with companies located in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • 1.12 If the Client violates at least one of the above listed terms while conducting trading operations, the Client remains responsible for all trades and the corresponding profit and loss of those trades.

2. General Terms

  • 2.1 All prices or quotes that the Client may see in advertising campaigns, on television, or on RannForex’ Website are indicative. Trading with RannForex may only take place according to the prices displayed on RannForex’ trading platform.
  • 2.2 The Client agrees that RannForex may contact the Client by means of e-mail. Additionally, the Client’s consent and signature may be obtained when needed by the Client’s pressing a specific key or by following the instructions on the screen through RannForex’ Website.
  • 2.3 The Client must take all reasonable steps to prevent computer viruses or similar programs from entering the Company’s network.
  • 2.4 RannForex has the right to transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement to third parties, having given the Client notice of at least ten calendar days.

3. Definitions (Terminology)

  • 3.1 All definitions (terminology) used by the Company in these Commercial Terms and in other regulatory documents are defined in the Glossary of Terms and Definitions (GTD), which is located on RannForex’ Website. RannForex has the right to periodically amend the GTD without providing the Client prior notice.

4. Laws and Jurisdiction

  • 4.1 These Commercial Terms govern all trading operations and orders of any kind which are carried out by the Client.
  • 4.2 In the event the Client does not fulfill its obligations, RannForex and its subsidiary organizations reserve the right to initiative legal proceedings against the Client, if doing so would be in RannForex’ interest, in any court in any jurisdiction allowed by law, regardless of where the Client was located when the Client opened a Trading Account or carried out trading operations.
  • 4.3 In the event of the demise of the Client and receipt by RannForex of verification thereof, RannForex shall immediately close all of the Client’s open positions as soon as it is possible to do so. The Client is relieved of all liability for losses or debts that may have arisen on the Client’s Trading Account.
  • 4.4 The Client is liable for, and is obligated to fully compensate RannForex for all expenses, charges, and court costs that RannForex may incur as the result of the Client’s violation of these Commercial Terms or as a result of the Client’s negligence.
  • 4.5 The maximum sum which RannForex may be liable for in the case of financial loss sustained by the Client is equal to the initial margin requirement for the given trading operation.

5. Demo Accounts

  • 5.1 RannForex does not permit trading with real funds on demo or virtual accounts. All gains or losses are of a fictional nature and cannot be transferred to the Trading Account, cashed in, or in any other way redeemed. A demo account is for practice only and serves an exclusively demonstrative purpose.
  • 5.2 Gains or losses sustained during the course of trading in a demo environment may not meet the expectations of the Client with regard to trading in a live environment. Currency pairs and CFDs are volatile instruments and may lead to rapidly accumulated gains or losses which exceed the initial deposit of the Client.

6. Service

  • 6.1 RannForex reserves the right to refuse to register the Client Cabinet and/or Trading Account for various reasons and is under no obligation to disclose those reasons.
  • 6.2 RannForex has the right at its own discretion to request information from credit history agencies with the aim of checking the Client’s data when opening a Trading Account.
  • 6.3 The agreement concluded between RannForex and the Client governs all Trading Accounts opened by the Client with RannForex. This agreement governs all of the Client’s open and closed positions, orders, and all other trading or non-trading operations.
  • 6.4 In the event RannForex closes all or part of the Client’s trades, cancels entry orders and/or closes the Trading account, in accordance with this agreement, RannForex has the right to consolidate the Client’s remaining funds onto any Trading Account opened by the Client with RannForex or subsidiaries.
  • 6.5 RannForex reserves the right at its own discretion to use available funds on the Trading Account to extinguish its debt to RannForex arising from other Trading Accounts. RannForex may use any of the Client’s funds to extinguish any of the Client’s other obligations to RannForex, including but not limited to court costs and interest.
  • 6.6 If the client has Trading Accounts open in multiple currencies, RannForex shall convert the funds on these Trading Accounts into one currency by using current market exchange rates of the main currencies.
  • 6.7 The client acknowledges that these Commercial Terms, together with all amendments and additions are in force for all Trading Accounts opened by the Client with RannForex and its subsidiaries, regardless of whether they are primary Trading Accounts or sub-accounts.

7. Obligations

  • 7.1 RannForex reserves the right to make amendments to the maximum size of the Trading Account which it may allow the Client to open. It may be the same or different for each account. The balance of the Trading Account may exceed the established limits for that Trading Account, however use of the funds in excess of the limit on the Trading Account for the purpose of carrying out trading operations is not possible.
  • 7.2 The maximum size of the Trading Account is established upon the opening of the Trading Account and may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  • 7.3 The maximum size of the Trading Account is established in USD and EUR and is applied to the Trading Account by means of a currency conversion.
  • 7.4 If open positions exceed the maximum size of the Trading Account, either by mistake or for any other reason, RannForex reserves the right, but is not obligated, to bring the Trading Account into conformity with the maximum size for that Trading Account by closing all or some open positions.
  • 7.5 Profit or loss may be significantly greater than this restriction regardless of the maximum size of the Trading account.

8. Passwords

  • 8.1 The Client is obligated to ensure the confidentiality, safety, reliability, and integrity of the login and password to the Client Cabinet and Trading Account and may not under any circumstances disclose this information, which is used by RannForex for authentication of the Client.
  • 8.2 If you have reason to believe the security of your Client Cabinet or Trading Account has been compromised, you must inform us of this immediately. RannForex is not liable for the unsanctioned use of your Client Cabinet or Trading Account.

9. Contact Information

  • 9.1 When opening a Client Cabinet or Trading Account, the Client is obligated to furnish RannForex with current and accurate contact information including a telephone number at which the Client can be reached during the day, e-mail address, and actual address of residence. The Client is obligated to inform RannForex of any changes to this information.
  • 9.2 All trading operations on the Trading Account must be carried out by the Client or by a trading robot activated by the Client, and not by any third party. If the Client has authorized a third party to carry out trading operations on the Client’s Trading Account, the Client nevertheless bears all responsibility for trading operations performed on the account.
  • 9.3 Trading operations and setting pending orders can be performed only through the trading terminal over the Internet.
  • 9.4 The Client consents to RannForex recording all telephone conversations between RannForex and the Client. These recordings are the property of RannForex and can be used as evidence during any dispute.
  • 9.5 RannForex shall regularly send the Client statements for the Client’s Trading Account by e-mail. If the Client notices an error in the statement, the Client must inform RannForex of the error within three calendar days.
  • 9.6 RannForex has the right to contact the Client by telephone, e-mail, or any other method at any time in order to notify the Client of, or discuss any aspect of trading activity, regardless of whether or not it directly concerns the Client.
  • 9.7 Any correspondence (documents, notifications, confirmations, announcements, records, and others) are considered to have been received by the Client:
    • 9.7.1 Within 1 (one) hour of having been sent by e-mail;
    • 9.7.2 Immediately after having been sent by internal mail to the trading platform;
    • 9.7.3 Immediately after having been sent by fax;
    • 9.7.4 Immediately upon conclusion of a telephone conversation;
    • 9.7.5 Within 7 (seven) days of having been sent by mail;
    • 9.7.6 Immediately after an announcement has been posted in the “Company News” section of RannForex’ Website;
    • 9.7.7 Immediately after notification has been posted in the Client Cabinet.

10. Commissions/Expenses/Taxes

  • 10.1 The Client bears sole responsibility for deducting from the Client’s income any tax liabilities which may arise as the result of the Client carrying out trading operations. If the Client has any questions or doubts concerning taxes, the Client is advised to seek independent consultation from the appropriate authorities in the Client’s tax jurisdiction.
  • 10.2 RannForex has the right to transfer any expenses or cost to the Client that may arise in the future due to changes in the law.
  • 10.3 RannForex reserves the right to transfer any expenses or cost to the Client that may arise from changes in the terms or requirements of the company’s counteragents.
  • 10.4 RannForex is not required under any circumstances to reveal any information about profit received, interest or any other form of income.

11. Deposits/Withdrawals/Balance

  • 11.1 The Client may make a deposit to its Trading Account in the Client Cabinet at any time by using RannForex’ Website, where the available methods of deposit to Trading Accounts are listed. The list is regularly expanded.
  • 11.2 The Client understands and acknowledges that RannForex does not pay any form of accrual or interest to funds which are located on the Trading Account.
  • 11.3 The Client may carry out trading operations on the Trading Account as soon as the funds are posted to the balance of the Client’s Trading Account. If you would like to carry out trading operations on your Trading Account that require more funds than the size of your Trading Account, you will need to deposit additional funds to this Trading Account.
  • 11.4 The Client may send a request to withdraw from its Trading Account a sum no greater than the amount of free funds on the Trading Account. If from the time of the Client’s request to the time the request is processed the amount of free funds on the Trading Account has changed such that the requested sum is now unavailable, the request will be rejected and the Client will be notified of this. RannForex reserves the right to decline to make a payment if it determines it necessary in order for the Client to make future short-term payments.
  • 11.5 RannForex does not under any circumstances accept payments from third parties and does not make payments to third parties, with the exception of those instances when RannForex chooses to do so at its own discretion in strict accordance with legal procedures for preventing money laundering.
  • 11.6 If the Trading Account is inactive or unused for a period of five years, RannForex may attempt to contact the registered owner of the Trading Account. In the case of the demise of the Client, RannForex will attempt to contact the heir. All reasonable steps will be taken to determine the new accountholder. However, if within 12 months, RannForex is unable to determine the new accountholder, RannForex has the right to close the Trading Account and consider the funds on it as not belonging to the Client.

12. Non-Trading Operations

  • 12.1 Also governing the relations between the parties are the terms of use of the Client Cabinet as well as the terms for carrying out certain non-trading operations as described in the Regulations for Non-Trading Operations (RNTO), which are located on RannForex’ Website. RannForex has the right to periodically amend the RNTO of which the client will be given prior notification.

13. Trading Operations

  • 13.1 Also governing the relations between the parties are the terms for carrying out trading operations as described in the Regulations for Trading Operations (RTO), which are located on RannForex’ Website. RannForex has the right to periodically amend the RTO of which the client will be given prior notification.

14. Force Majeure

  • 14.1 Force majeure circumstances are considered to be such unforeseen events as natural disasters, war, sabotage, technical malfunctions, loss of internet connection, as well as a complete lack of liquidity in the market.
  • 14.2 In the event of the occurrence of one or more of the above-listed events and its designation by RannForex as a force majeure circumstance, RannForex ceases being bound to the obligations of this agreement and will not be liable for any consequences of such an event.
  • 14.3 RannForex is required to provide the best possible prices and ensure the best possible execution during force majeure circumstances.

15. Authorized Individuals

  • 15.1 Only the Client who is the owner of the Trading Account may carry out trading operations on the Trading Account.
  • 15.2 If the Client intends to provide third parties the opportunity to trade on the Trading Account, the Client does so at the Client’s own risk.
  • 15.3 Third parties are not allowed to make any kind of payments on the Trading Account.
  • 15.4 The Client is fully responsible for all trading operations carried out on the Trading Account as well as for all payments and debts related to the Trading Account.
  • 15.5 The Client is obligated to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the login information and passwords which were specified when registering the Trading Account or the Client Cabinet. RannForex does not bear responsibility for any unsanctioned use of this information by third parties, or any losses sustained due to third party use.

16. Website

  • 16.1 RannForex does not bear responsibility for any computer viruses or other harmful software which the Client may have gotten from RannForex’ Website or from the Internet trading application.

17. Introducing Broker

  • 17.1 RannForex may use the services of introducing brokers in various areas of its operations, but does not bear responsibility for any information given by them to RannForex or to the Client, including information published on RannForex’ Website.
  • 17.2 RannForex does not bear responsibility for any loss arising as a result of any action or lack of action taken by the Client based on information received from RannForex or from an introducing broker.

18. Intellectual Property

  • 18.1 The intellectual property rights for all websites controlled by RannForex including the sites of RannForex subsidiary companies and their trading names belong to RannForex.
  • 18.2 The above-stated includes all trademarks, charts, databases, advertisements, prices, information about the market, information about the product, the site’s design, logos, and all other parts of RannForex’ Website. Nothing may be copied, reproduced or distributed without RannForex’ prior permission.
  • 18.3 Introducing brokers and software providers listed on RannForex’ Website or connected with RannForex are also owners of the intellectual property rights of their products. RannForex is not responsible for any losses or damages which the Client may have sustained when using information offered by such individuals.

19. Confidentiality and Data Security

  • 19.1 By accepting these Commercial Terms, the Client agrees to provide RannForex personal information which will be used by RannForex to open, manage, and service the Client’s Trading Account.
  • 19.2 RannForex may not transfer the Client’s personal information to third parties with the exception of processing centers, for the purpose of checking credit cards, law enforcement agencies, any financial or other regulators, RannForex auditors, and employees which work with the Client’s claims.
  • 19.3 RannForex may give the Client’s personal information to companies which make up the RannForex group of companies if it is necessary for providing the Client a service.
  • 19.4 RannForex has the right to give the Client’s personal information, with the exception of information about open positions, to other companies which offer margin trading and which need recommendations.
  • 19.5 A large amount of information about Clients comes directly from the Clients themselves, although the Company reserves the right to receive information about Clients from other sources such as credit history agencies, the Electoral Register, or fraud prevention institutions.
  • 19.6 RannForex has the right to use this information for ensuring the best possible service for Clients or for informing Clients about new RannForex products.
  • 19.7 All RannForex employees are fully informed of the rules for handling confidential information.
  • 19.8 Clients’ personal information is stored in databases on computers or in paper archives which have reliable security systems. Unauthorized persons do not have the right to access these areas of storage.
  • 19.9 RannForex’ Website uses cookies (files with information about the user) in order to more efficiently provide the Client with needed information as well as quicker navigation. The Client may choose to disable this function by adjusting the settings in the Client’s computer. This may, however, affect the Client’s ability to view different parts of RannForex’ website or affect the Client’s access to certain services offered by RannForex.
  • 19.10 RannForex shall make every possible effort to maintain the Client’s current information. The Client bears responsibility to notify RannForex of any changes to the Client’s personal information in a timely fashion.

20. Trading Responsibility

  • 20.1 RannForex wishes each of its Clients to be successful. However, this cannot always be realized. In such situations the Client is obligated to bear responsibility for its actions and shall not permit sustaining greater losses than the Client can afford.
  • 20.2 It is possible that all the funds on the Trading Account can be lost. It is important that the Client read the Risk Notification before beginning to trade.
  • 20.3 RannForex does not recommend borrowing funds, spending more than the Client can afford, or trading with funds which have been allocated for other purposes.

21. Closing the Account

  • 21.1 RannForex reserves the right to close any Client’s account without disclosing the reasons. In this event, RannForex is obligated to return using any available method all funds located on the Trading Account at the moment it was closed.

22. Procedure for Filing a Claim

  • 22.1 Despite all efforts made by RannForex to service its clients at the highest possible level, the Client is not always satisfied with the results of RannForex’ service.
  • 22.2 In this case, the rules for filing a claim set forth in the relevant Company regulatory documents are applied.